Hospice is not a place, but a quality of care that brings the patient and family not only medical, emotional, and spiritual care – but also compassionate support by focusing on comfort and quality of life.

Hospice is about living, about giving people access to what they need so they will have the best quality of life during a difficult time. Patients who choose hospice have made the decision – along with their families and doctors – to change curative goals for comfort goals. Hospice believes that through personalized services and a caring community, patients and their loved ones can obtain the necessary preparation for death so that it can be not merely a period of sorrow, but one which gives them a deeper understanding of life.

Hospice Care

Onesource uses a “team” approach to hospice services integrating medical, emotional, spiritual, and social services support to patients and their families when a disease or illness has resisted curative treatment. Every patient has a tailored care plan specific to their unique needs and wishes.

In addition, hospice offers a variety of bereavement and counseling services to extended families – including children – that occur before and after a patient’s passing. Those involved in this process have a variety of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. The process of coping with the passing of a loved one is very personal in nature and has varying effects on members of the family. Therefore the hospice team’s goal is to be sensitive and responsive to the special needs of each individual within the family, and the family as a whole.


Key things to know about Hospice care

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